Ben Cohen records message of support for gay teens

Rugby star Ben Cohen has recorded a message of support for young gay people, following the spate of recent suicides in the US.

We report on the story before any other gay news service.

In it, the England and Sale Sharks sportsman claims he is “shocked and saddened by the young American people who have been driven to take their own lives.”

“I can’t imagine how desperate these young people must feel that life’s not worth living anymore. I think it’s very sad and they must feel very, very lonely,” he added.

“I’ve got twin three-year-old daughters and itm would break my heart if they couldn’t speak to me or my wife.

The message comes after news of five US teens killing themselves swamped the media in the past month.

“Whoever you are, whatever you do, think twice. You’re only here once and it’s definitely worth fighting for. You have the right to be happy, to be loved and to love others.”


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2 responses to “Ben Cohen records message of support for gay teens

  1. Stongflower

    In mainland, most people still cherish the prejudice agaist and could not accept such things as who is a gay or lesbian. But from my perspective, Eveyone is born to be equal. So I think it is one’s own choice to somebody.

    • Very well said. And this is one of the reasons organisations like QSA exist – to educate everyone to realise sexual orientation is merely one of the multiple identities of an individual.

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