First gay activity center to open in Chongqing

Dec. 1 was the 23rd World AIDS Day, and the “Chongqing Rainbow Floating Population Activity Center” is under decoration and will be officially opened after the 2011 Spring Festival, according to Chongqing Business Daily.

The center is located in a residential area in Daping and will become an activity center especially for the gay men in Chongqing. Gay men will receive regular HIV prevention training at the center and it is reported that it is the first organization in China to hold HIV prevention training.

Under strong support from the Population and Family Planning Commission of Yuzhong District, the center was undertaken by the “Rainbow Group,” the earliest HIV prevention organization for gay men in Chongqing.

It has a construction area of 160 square meters and four rooms and two halls. In addition to books, videos and pictures for AIDS prevention, the center is also equipped with treadmills and other exercise machines and condoms are provided free of charge. All have provided a communications and study platform for the floating gay men group.

Gay men are at high risk for spreading aids AIDS. Therefore, the center will regularly hold activities and at the same time, they will visit migrant workers’ residential areas, construction sites and other areas with a large number of the floating population to promote AIDS prevention knowledge and help people stay away from AIDS, said Zhou Shengjian, head of the Rainbow Group.





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