Barclays Bank what will you do about the Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda?

Melanie Nathan- May 09, 2011-

If Uganda’s parliamentary members  enact the Anti-gay bill this week, as predicted by a good many Ugandan sources, including its author, David Bahati,  it must either be willing to  isolate itself or the representatives of the people have their heads deep in the ground! In my many conversations with David Bahati, he has said he is not concerned with what the international community thinks – and he is seated in the belief that the World does not give a damn about LGBTI human rights.

I know that corporate America is constantly seeking the multi billion pink dollar  – gay and lesbian (LGBTI) dollars have enormous clout  as well as in Europe and the UK. These banks also hire and promote LGBTI people as part of their diversity programs or just because gays and lesbians and their families  are a part of all our communities -a simple fact.

Barclays Bank has a large presence in Uganda and I am currently researching the rest of the banks on the list below and beyond…

They also have the following byline on their website:

Diversity and our People

Talented people are the foundation of our success, whatever their style, personality, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability…..

Barclays Bank – must come out now and speak out against Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill – or we will call for an International Boycott. How can any international corporation,  with diversity programs – and which employ gays and lesbians, many providing  benefits to same-sex couples, continue to sit back and watch this legislation happen – knowing that we as a community will be calling upon these corporations to depart Uganda the minute that Bill passes this next week.

The bank is primarily involved in meeting the banking needs of individuals, small and medium businesses (SMEs), as well as large corporations. Prior to 2006, the bank focused on meeting the banking needs of large corporations and high networth individuals. That focus was loosened to include SMEs and regular customers.As of December 2010, Barclays Bank (Uganda) was the third largest commercial bank in Uganda, with assets in excess of US$476.4 million (UGX:1,100 billion)

Barclays Bank (Uganda) opened for business in Uganda in 1927, with two branches in the capital city, Kampala and one in Jinja, the country’s second commercial centre. In February 2007, Barclays Bank completed the acquisition of Nile Bank Uganda Limited, strengthening its presence in the country. As of July 2009, Barclays Bank (Uganda) employs more than 1,000 colleagues, has fifty three (53) branches and eighty (80) ATMs in service.

Perhaps these corporations do not realize the seriousness of this. In a world where countries have moved toward same-sex relationship acceptance – beyond mere tolerance – such as Barclays’ home turf – the United Kingdom- where same-sex gays and lesbians can legally marry (civil unions) – such companies cannot continue to serve their clients in good faith if they remain silent and /or do not leave the Ugandan market.

OH and by the way – This is just a tip of the iceberg- or should I say a spark off the Volcano?

SO here is a list of Banks – in Uganda – and we shall be going industry by industry – as time goes by in the next couple of weeks – looking into who is doing what in Uganda.  I invite other bloggers to join in the SLAM!


This is a list of commercial banks in Uganda[

  1. ABC Capital Bank
  2. Bank of Africa[2]
  3. Bank of Baroda
  4. Barclays Bank
  5. Cairo International Bank
  6. Centenary Bank
  7. Citibank Uganda Limited
  8. Crane Bank
  9. DFCU Bank
  10. Diamond Trust Bank
  11. Ecobank
  12. Equity Bank
  13. Fina Bank
  14. Global Trust Bank
  15. Housing Finance Bank
  16. Imperial Bank Uganda[3]
  17. Kenya Commercial Bank
  18. National Bank of Commerce
  19. Orient Bank
  20. Stanbic Bank
  21. Standard Chartered Bank
  22. Tropical Bank



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