Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Survey 香港同/雙性戀及跨性別僱員調查

本港非牟利機構”社商賢匯”正進行一項有關同性戀, 雙性戀和跨性別(LGBT) 雇員的網上問卷調查, 從而了解香港LGBT雇員的生活環境,職場經歷和所面對的具體挑戰. 此不記名網上問卷調查由香港大學民意研究計劃執行,所有內容完全保密.

此研究旨在引起更多人關注及討論香港職場上性取向和性別認同的議題。該研究將提供可靠和最新的數據,以幫助社會各界和企業了解香港同性戀, 雙性戀和跨性別雇員的親身經歷, 讓企業能在這議題上發揮更大更正面的影響力。

請各位會員積極參與, 花數分鐘時間填寫網上不記名問卷調查(中英雙語): www.lgbtsurvey.org.hk

如欲索取更多該研究的資訊, 請到以下連結: http://www.communitybusiness.org/LGBT/ClimateStudy.html 或致電2152 1889查詢.

Community Business, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong, is conducting an online survey on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees to understand their living environment, workplace experiences and challenges. This anonymous online survey is administered by the University of Hong Kong Public Opinion Programme, and all information will be kept confidential.

The objective of this survey is to advance the dialogue on sexual orientation and gender identity issues in Hong Kong, especially as they relate to the workplace. This survey will provide credible and up-to-date data to help society and businesses understand the first-hand experience of LGBT employees, and allow businesses to create more positive impact on this subject.

We encourage you to participate in this survey by completely the short online questionnaire here: www.lgbtsurvey.org.hk

For more information on this study, please visit: http://www.communitybusiness.org/LGBT/ClimateStudy.html or call 2152 1889.


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