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QSA 7·1遊行 Out On The Street

多謝大家今日黎支持我地QSA 7·1 遊行活動。有你嘅一分力,我地向提升攣直共融嘅公共意識及追求性小眾平權又踏出了一少步。正正是我們無數的努力,才可以為香港創造平等繁榮嘅未來。

Thank you for supporting QSA 1 July Out on the Street. With your endeavours, we made yet another step towards raising public awareness of LGBT inclusion and the pursuit of equal rights for sexual and gender minorities. It’s the countless baby-steps that we make that will create a better future of equality and prosperity in Hong Kong.


風雨同路 攣直共行
Queer Straight Alliance

被問及對參加遊行有什麼感想,QSA之友David Janke有以下的一番話想跟大家分享:


When asked about what he felt about joining the march, David Janke, friend of QSA, has the following to say:

“I am privileged to come from the UK, where the rights of the majority of minorities are enshrined in law and ardently defended, but it wasn’t always so, and I have taken part in the fight for them at home. It is this battle won in the UK that spurred me to unite with my brothers and sisters in the Hong Kong LGBTQ community and beyond, gather in pouring rain, and continue to fight for equality. My feet hurt, my body is weary, but my spirit has been fortified from today’s march. Thank you to QSA for organising a group to take part and allowing me to join in.”

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香港同志影展 2010


由【香港同志影展協會】主辦的【香港同志影展2010】,將於2010 年 11 月19 日至12 月1 日,一連十三天,假中環 Palace IFC、油麻地百老匯電影中心及九龍塘 AMC 又一城三間戲院隆重舉行,整個影展合共放映六十個電影場次。 Continue reading

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出來一丁 – 慶祝多元的好玩節日


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