Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


QSA has been kindly offered complimentary tickets by the HKLGFF organiser to selected screenings. More details will be followed shortly. In the meantime, feel free to visit the official website of the festival by clicking on the logo above.


30 Movies From Around The Globe Joins The Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2010


The Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Society (HKLGFFS) presents the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (HKLGFF) 2010, which will be held from November 19th to December 1st. A total of 60 screenings will take place during these 13 days, and will be shown at PALACE IFC in Central, Broadway Cinematheque in Yau Ma Tei and AMC Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong.


To kick off this year’s film festival, the society organized its first event Avant G’Art, a fund-raising gala which took place on October 22nd at the Kee Club. With art exhibition by renowned artist around the world, Versace’s newest Men’s Collection fashion show and spectacular dance shows all night long, this gala event raised over $10,000 in total for this year’s HKLGFF.


As with the previous years, a majority of the movie selections, including queer films, short films and documentaries, originate from the United States and United Kingdom. To make this year’s festival more diverse and exciting, the HKLGFFS included a number of titles from countries like India, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Bermuda, These movies aim to provide a different scoop and explores the gay and lesbian cultural from countries with less homosexuality exposure.


Festival Highlights

The opening films this year are Man at Bath from France and The Kids are All Right from the United States. Celebrated writer and auteur, Christophe Honoré (Dans Paris, Les Chansons d’Amour), directs cult porn star François Sagat in Man at Bath, a raw exploration of the often perverse nature of love. Emmanuel (Sagat) lives in a dreary Parisian suburb with his film-maker boyfriend, Omar. Frustrated in their relationship, Emmanuel and Omar flee to their own worlds for exploitation and indulgence. Emmanuel tries to quell his sense of abandonment by plunging into a number of sexual partners, while Omar explores his own feelings with film student Dustin. Does distance truly make the heart grow fonder, or does it just make forgetting easier?


In The Kids Are All Right, Nic and Jules share a cozy suburban Southern California home with their teenage children, Joni and Laser, who were both conceived by artificial insemination. As Joni prepares to leave for college, 15-year-old Laser presses her for a big favor – to help him find their biological father. Against her better judgment, Joni honors her brother’s request and manages to make contact with “bio-dad” Paul, an easygoing restaurateur. The kids find themselves drawn to the confirmed bachelor’s footloose style. As Paul comes into the lives of the forthright four, an unexpected new chapter begins for them.


Closing film for this year’s festival is Fit (In partnership with British Council), a British title that focuses on the lives of six diverse British teenagers who are brought together by an enthusiastic dance teacher, Loris. Everything from secret crushes to homophobic attitudes is revealed by the rambunctious students taking Drama and Dance from Loris. None of the teens are what they seem, and they are going to learn a lesson on how to fit in normal society without compromising their own identities and who they really are.


The society is honored to have the presence of François Sagat in Man at Bath and director Rikki Beadle Blair of Fit during the HKLGFF. For more details please refer to the festival guide book.


Thirty film titles fall under four different categories, namely Asian Focus, Panorama, Queering South America and UK Classics. Some highlights include James Franco’s Howl, Bruce LeBruce’s cult movie LA Zombie, romantic comedy Is It Just Me? and Make the Yuletide Gay, Brazilian movie From Beginning to End, award-winning film at Stockholm International Film Festival Miss Kicki, and The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister which is
based on the historical iconic lesbian figure Anne Lister’s encrypted four-million-word diary.


To bring more awareness to AIDS prevention and celebration of the World AIDS Day on December 1st, the HKLGFF will feature four films on November 28th as the World AIDS Movie Day at the Broadway Cinematheque. These will include Indian Shorts: Body & Desires, Queer China ,‘Comrade’ China, Postcard to Daddy and Out in the Silence. Share your love and care to those in need, and stand up for discriminations against AIDS patients!


Two special events will take place in conjunction with the festival, including Love Snaps Photography Competition (co-organized with Red Ribbon Centre), aiming to promote HIV prevention awareness within the gay society through a different medium of art. Read Me & You is a book fair for LGBT books lovers, which will take place at Kubrick (next to Broadway Cinematheque) from November 19th to December 1st. Opening hours are from 11:30am to 10:00pm, free admission.



由【香港同志影展協會】主辦的【香港同志影展2010】,將於2010 年 11 月19 日至12 月1 日,一連十三天,假中環 Palace IFC、油麻地百老匯電影中心及九龍塘 AMC 又一城三間戲院隆重舉行,整個影展合共放映六十個電影場次。


為了令今屆【香港同志影展 2010】活動更加精彩,主辦單位已於10 月22 日假中環 Kee Club 舉行香港同志影展籌款晚會 Avant G’Art,除展出了幾位知名畫家的作品之外,更加得到 Versace 的支持演出最新男裝系列的時裝表演,加上一眾打扮得別出心裁的舞蹈員落力演出,令現場氣氛 高漲,為影展率先籌得過萬元的款項。


一如已往,本年度影展網羅多部美國、英國及歐洲等地炙手可熱的男女同志電影、短片及紀 錄片,今年更特別安排來自印度、巴西、亞根庭、秘魯、百慕達等較少出產同志電影的國家參與, 為觀眾帶來更多選擇,藉此加深了解世界各地的同志電影文化。



由著名情色電影猛男 François Sagat 傾力演出,他飾演一名男妓奧馬爾。奧馬爾及男友艾曼魯 爾因感情變質而互相放縱,艾曼魯爾於不同的性伴侶之間周旋,而奧馬爾卻縱情於電影學生達斯 汀懷抱中。導演奧諾雷駕馭愛的內心與外觀,一邊窺探悖逆的愛,一邊把性慾裸露解放。此片更 入圍瑞士盧卡諾國際電影節的競賽作品之一。另一部電影《非單親關係》講述女同志阿力和茱莉 斯及他們一對子女鍾妮及里沙的故事。生活原本風平浪靜,但就在鍾妮快將離家升讀大學時,里 沙請她幫忙尋找他們的「生父」 ─ 當年捐出精子給他們母親的男人。鍾妮不負所托,找到經營餐廳的保羅。而當這位有名無實的父親,逐漸介入這個家庭的生活時,阿力和茱莉斯這對女同志伴侶發現全家的生活都起了變化。


閉幕電影特別揀選了一部充滿勵志性的英國電影《友.舞.愛》(由英國文化協會支持)。 此片可算是同志版的《舞出真我》,以舞跳出真本性、以愛踢走仇與恨。在英國的一個校園內,欺凌事件不斷發生,欺凌者與被欺凌者各有背後的故事。新任戲劇老師,排除萬難,誓要在課堂之上、校園以外,透過勁歌熱舞,感染學生,以愛去包容、用心去接受。這一班不同種族、不同背景的學生,在各自的路途上,發現真正的自己,接受真正的別人。青春迫人,熱力四射、不造作、做自己,是本年度最積極、最振奮人心的同志電影,是他也是你和我的成長印記。


而更令人興奮的是電影《愛.很遠》的男主角 François Sagat 及《友.舞.愛》的導演及
有份演出的 Rikki Beadle Blair 已答應來港出席影展活動,與觀眾交流,要一睹他們的風采請留意節目表上的公佈。


雲集了世界各地炙手可熱的最新及經典的同志電影;包括了由荷里活一線男演員 James Franco精湛豪邁演出的《詩吼》、鬼才導演 Bruce LeBruce 及再由 François Sagat 瞓身演譯的《喪屍犀利哥》、揭示基人生活的小品式故事《尋愛網中人》、節日裡窩心溫馨的《基場上的快樂聖誕》、題材大膽描述手足之情的《相愛很難》、瑞典斯德哥爾摩電影節得獎之作,並擁有香港萬能演員曾志偉傾力坐陣的《霓虹心》、以及根據十九世紀英國女同志歷史人物 Anne Lister 的四百萬字密碼日記而拍成的《安妮莉斯的秘密日記》!絕對技驚四座、風頭一時無倆。


如往年一樣,影展會舉行由香港紅絲帶中心全力支持的「世界愛滋病電影日」,今年選在11 月28 日於百老匯電影中心一連播出四套特選電影;包括了《印度短片: 肉體與慾望》、《誌同志》、《給爸爸的明信片》及《有聲勝無聲》,一同為愛打氣、以愛分享。




另外還有 Kubrick 主辦小型同志書展 –「同您書展」,今年已是第三年舉辦,希望將同志喜愛的書籍一次盡情展覽,讓讀者可以輕鬆地閱讀及交流。書展日期由11 月19 日至12 月1 日在油麻地 Kubrick 書店中舉行,開放時間由早上十一時半至晚上十時,免價入場並歡迎選購。


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