QSA/FinS Mentorship Programme 2014-2015

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If you are a university student who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (“LGBT”) or is friendly to LGBT, or if you are a working professional in the LGBT and allies community, you are invited to participate in the QSA/FinS Mentorship Program 2014-15!

MENTEES please register at http://goo.gl/6g9hAf ; MENTORS please register at http://goo.gl/o9iywQ. (See notes for registration below).

The QSA/FinS Mentorship Program is a collaborative project between the largest LGBT student network, Queer Straight Alliance (QSA), and the premier LGBT professionals’ network, Fruits in Suits (FinS), in Hong Kong. The Mentorship Program brings together an average of 40-70 pairs of Mentors and Mentees every year. Now going in its fifth year, , the Mentorship Program has facilitated the multi-dimensional development of over 200 Mentees through the guidance of our Mentors from an increasingly wide range of fields, including Architecture, Banking & Finance, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Human Resources, Law, Literature, Marketing & PR, Psychology, Shipping and Technology.

QSA/FinS Mentorship Program 2014-15 is strongly supported by Goldman Sachs and the Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Attorneys Network (HKGALA).


The key objectives of IRC2014 are:

  1. To support the career and personal development of our mentees; and
  2. To build a strong LGBT-friendly network across different industries.

Target Participants

  1. Students from all universities in Hong Kong, who are LGBT or LGBT-friendly, may become a Mentee;
  2. Any working professionals who are part of the LGBT community and allies may become a Mentor.

Key Dates in the Programme Calendar (Oct 2014 – Apr 2015)

23 September – Speed Mentoring @ 7Heaven (Sponsored by Wells Fargo)

As a precursor to the Mentorship Program, Wells Fargo has kindly agreed to host a “Speed Mentoring” event for university students in Hong Kong who are LGBT or LGBT-friendly and who may consider joining our Mentorship Program as a Mentee.

In attendance from Wells Fargo will be the top administrators of Wells Fargo, including the Asia-Pacific CEO and other executives; the career fields will include a wide range from HR, Finance, Business, Banking and more. Do join us for this very exciting and rare opportunity to meet and network with the Wells Fargo team!

Come to the Speed Mentoring to maximize your chances of finding a suitable mentor, by meeting them first and perhaps even coming up as a pair on your own!

Joining the Speed Mentoring event does NOT oblige you to join the Mentorship Program. Even if you are not sure whether you’d like to join the Mentorship Program as a Mentee, feel free to come for a night of networking and drinks!

15 October – Application Deadline for Mentees

MENTEES please register at http://goo.gl/6g9hAf.

MENTORS please register at http://goo.gl/o9iywQ.


1. We take GREAT CARE in our matching process and we hope to find the best possible matches, so please answer the two open-ended questions in as much detail as possible.

2. This is a Mentorship Programme for LGBT and Allies, so participants must be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) or must be friendly to LGBT (which means it’s perfectly okay if you are straight, so long as your are friendly), and they must be able to be comfortable in talking about LGBT issues with each other (even if you might not know a lot about LGBT issues!).

20 October – Launch Event + Mentoring Skills Training Session @ Goldman Sachs (Sponsored by Goldman Sachs)

Throughout the Year – Various events will be organized by QSA, FinS, HKGALA and other firms to benefit our mentees and to bring together our mentees and mentors. 


About the Organizers

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) is a student organization promoting the rights and welfare of LGBT communities in Hong Kong. Registered as a society in 2008, QSA is currently the largest network of LGBT students, staff and allies across campuses in Hong Kong and it supports its members through social, educational and career initiatives.

Fruits in Suits (FinS) was established in 2004 and continues to grow in size, have access to resources, aid in the influence on the local business community and takes part in furthering LGBT causes in Hong Kong. FinS EVENTS, primarily focus and showcase businesses, from the LGBT community and those who wish to market to the community.


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