Mentorship Program 2013-14

Mentorship Program Header

Mentorship Program 2013-14: Step Out, Step Up and Step Forward

Queer Straight Alliance (“QSA”) and Fruits in Suits (“FinS”) proudly invites you to participate in the Mentorship Program 2013-14: Step Out, Step Up and Step Forward. Now in its fourth year, the Mentorship Program has been facilitating the multi-dimensional development of our Mentees, through the guidance and support of our Mentors. Previously, the disciplines of our Mentors and Mentees have included: Architecture, Banking & Finance, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Human Resources, Law, Literature, Marketing & PR, Psychology, Shipping and Technology. This year, we aim to further broaden the scope of our program, by including more industries, to build a strong LGBT-friendly community in Hong Kong.


The key objectives of IRC2013 are:

  1. Supporting the career and personal development of our mentees
  2. Building a strong LGBT network across different industries

Why Apply? Step Out, Step Up and Step Forward!

  • Step out relates to the personal advice/interaction between the mentors and mentees where they can freely share their coming out as well as other experiences.
  • Step up symbolizes the career advice that mentors can provide their mentees to enable our students to kick start and progress their career. Mentors may also benefit from fresh inspirations through interacting with their mentees.
  • Step forward means building a strong LBGT network through the mentorship program to push for a more inclusive environment in our community.


Who Should Apply?

  1. Students, from all Universities in Hong Kong, should apply to become a MENTEE.
  2. Any working professionals, who are part of the LGBT community and allies, are welcome to become a MENTOR.

Events Calendar

A. Application Deadline

Please complete the registration form by Friday 25 October 2013!

Students who want to become our Mentees, please fill in the application form HERE

Professionals who want to become our Mentors, please fill in the application form HERE

B. CV and Skills Workshop

Date and Time: 4pm – 7pm, 28th October (Mon) 2013

Venue:  Barclays’ Office

Note: Event designed specifically for Mentees.

C. Launch Event

Date and Time: 7pm, 18th November (Mon) 2013

Venue:  Goldman Sachs’ Office

Note: All participants, both Mentors and Mentees, should attend this event.


D. Events throughout the Year

Both QSA and FinS holds LGBT events throughout the year, mentors and mentees are encouraged to actively participate in them to build a strong LGBT-friendly network.


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact Erica Ying (QSA) at or Eric Herrera (FinS) at

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