Roddy Shaw

Organisation: Diversity Factor

Title: Principal Consultant


Roddy is an advocate for equal opportunity law in Hong Kong since 1995. He has been taking cases to the EOC since 1999 and has ample experience advising and providing training to corporate and individual clients regarding equality and non-discrimination. He worked for Business & Human Rights Resource Centre on various corporate responsibility issues including equality & non-discrimination. He has been consulted by the United Nations Special Representative on Transnational Corporations, HKSAR government as well as multinational corporations regarding business and human rights.

He is a seasoned trainer for civil society groups on human rights advocacy and capacity building. Companies he had worked with regarding diversity & human rights include: GE, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Cisco, UBS and Nomura. He now teaches human rights and diversity at City University of Hong Kong. Cases he has represented include sex, disability, marital status, family status, HIV, sexual orientation and transgender status discrimination.

Before his human rights career, Roddy worked for major corporations including MTRC and PCCW.

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