Who Are We?

An organisation can never run itself and QSA is no exception. The Alliance is operated by a group of enthusiastic HKU students from a diverse range of background. Below is some of their profiles:



Name: Erica Ying

Position: President, 2013-2014

Field of Study: BBA (Law)/LLB


  • Playing sports (mainly netball and basketball)
  • Reading (a bit of everything e.g. fiction, non-fiction, literature and manga)
  • Watching TV shows, movies and anime
  • Listening to music
  • Traveling to different places as well as walking randomly around HK to explore this city
  • Eating


Name: Jonny Liu

Position: President

Field of Study: BBA (International Business & Global Management)

Interests: Travel, photography, reading, swimming and running. Not interested in any type of ball game though.

Name: Michael Lam

Position: President

Field of Study: MPhil in Law

Interests: Tennis, badminton, squash (basically all racquet sports!), music and oh…FOOD!

Name: Venus Tjang

Position: President

Field of Study: French and Sociology

Interests: Theatre, music, dancing, learning different languages and cultures, swimming and being outdoor

Name: Hun Law

Position: Vice President (Internal Affairs)

Field of Study: Arts

Interests: Poetry writing (http://ourpoem.tk), Sports, Cross-country running, Rowing, Lawn Bowls, Breakdance(!!!), all kinds of quiet and active activities 🙂

Name: Lisa Onland

Position: Vice President (External Affairs)

Field of Study: Social Sciences
Interests: Travel, facilitating social development, discovering new cultures, public speaking, theatre and music.

QSA events are organised throughout the year and we are constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals to join us. If you are interested in being part of the QSA team, please send us an email at qsahku@gmail.com for further information.